Simien mountains Treks

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Day One

Gondar –dibbahir  

We will travel from Gondar  and be dropped off for  two hours trek  up to the composite you will enjoy the  views over the escarpment and are likely to spot large groups of the Columbus monkey  you will camp at Dibbahir which is at 3000m.  

3h Walk
Day Two

Trek from Dibbahir to kernja village camp kernej  at 2900m.

Day Three


There are excellent views of the simian  mountains  escarpment we should see more several cats leopard if we are leaky we can see Ethiopia wolf.

5h wailing
Day Four

Sera- china

From sera to china 2280 ms between we will see settle and some crops.

5-6 h
Day Five

China- muchila

From china camp to muchila 3210m  the best camp to see every mountains   around  the simian mountains national park.

6 h waking
Day Six

Muchila- Antola

This is  easy walk Muchila to antola we can see anibese baboon very stunning of the national park.

6-7 h
Day Seven

Antola-  Dirni campsite

Trek from  Antola to dirni campsite we  will by trekking along up and down walk to get forest nice to see agriculture the  green area. 

7-8 h
Day Eight

Dirni campsite- Duwara

From dirni to duwara along trek we will see ape wild  pick leopard, chilada monkey and so on.

9-10 h
Day Nine

Duwara- Chenk campsite

You can see walia Ibex if  you are likes it si cold place from others camp chennek 3620m.

4-5 h
Day Ten

Chennek Ambaras

Short morning trek to chennek to ambaras where we will finish our trek and  transfer back to Gondar

2 h

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